Atlantic Canadian Copywriter, Ben McFarlane


Platinum Prose is a Fredericton-based strategic marketing company that develops word-driven marketing and provides successful copywriting services for clients across Canada and the United States.

Platinum Prose founder, Ben McFarlane has been in the business of writing since 2004. Since then, he has helped many companies whose livelihood depends largely on the success of an online marketing strategy. In addition, Ben has developed the ability to create exciting, story-driven online content, and a strategic approach to copywriting and marketing that joins the vision of the client with the expectations of the end user.

Platinum Prose provides a full range of word-driven marketing services, including video annotation, content writing for blogs and social media, video production for blogs and social media, poster production, menu re-writing, website editing, and much more.

We use a consistent method to first understand a client’s goals and creative vision, and then the client’s intended audience, be it end-user, potential buyers, or business partners. We develop a targeted copywriting and marketing strategy based on this knowledge, and we get it right every time.