In January, 2018, Master Indian Spice approached us to write copy for their packaging. In particular, their product descriptions – where targeted, compelling copy is needed the most – were lacking the character and flavour of the spice kits sold by the company.

In total, Platinum Prose wrote 24 short paragraphs for the line of 12 products. To get the right words, we did our research on each and every recipe: its traditional roots, the qualities that make it delicious, and even the dish itself, having cooked each meal to experience it first hand. This research, combined with our knowledge of the intended audience and desired tone, enabled us to craft perfect, authentic wording for every product in Master Indian’s line of spice kits.

From there, we were hired to edit Master Indian’s website and their sales package, as well as provide content marketing and design support for all of Master Indian’s social media channels. This we have accomplished to great effect, on a continuing basis, seeing a 500% percent increase in post engagement on facebook, and a growing audience of followers on Instagram and Facebook, the social media platforms used by Master Indian Spice.